Radar Irradiation Incident;How Perpetrator Korea Pretends to Be "Victim"


While Japanese and Koreans are neighbors, they have the opposite national character, which is a factor to make various problems unable to be solved.
Basically Japanese act according to the idea that people are born good by nature(this idea is called Seizensetsu in Japanese).
Japanese think that it is unfavorable to doubt others, so there is an aspect that they are naive and easy to be deceived.
Also, they tend to apologize easily in order to solve the problem on the spot even if they know that they are not wrong(Some Japanese tourists are considered as mysterious people when they say "sorry" abroad like a greeting).
Unless it is a malicious crime damage, if the other party apologizes, they accept it and the problem is solved.
This is the spirit of "Wa"(Japanese style of harmony).
While such mentality is a virtue among Japanese people, it gives misunderstandings to foreigners, but the Japanese government has always carried it out to the Korean government.
On the other hand, ethnicity of Koreans (both North and South) is strongly influenced by the acceptance of Chinese Confucianism in a distorted form, which was a long-time suzerain of Korea, as I have said on the previous pages.
Their action principle is that following obedience to the strong one(idea of "Worship of the powerful") and behaving arrogantly to the weak one(Not only North, but South Korea still does not resist China either).
In Korean negotiations,they first pressure the opponent,if he strikes back,they will treat him properly as a strong one.
but, if he does not resist,they will treat him coldly as a weak one.
In that way, they clarify the hierarchical relationship in everyday life. In such human relations, "moral superiority" is an important element.
The easy-to-understand example is the position of the victim and the perpetrator.
In Korean thought, victims are superior in absolute "moral superiority", and perpetrators are subordinates,and victims can gain authority to condemn perpetrators forever.
The pattern of typical Korean quarrels is that they show a strong attitude and speak with a loud voice even when they are to be blame.
They appeal to the people around that they are victims trying to gain sympathizers in order to push the opponents into perpetrators.
To do that, they don't hesitate to shift the point of debate by lying, pick up another issue, and if they recover from the inferiority, that is a victory for them.
And since those who apologized (perpetrators) will be accused as moral subordinates after that,they refuse to apologize thoroughly.
In Korea there is a lesson of life that "If someone calls you a thief, you must call him back a thief."
Remember that when Apple sued Samsung for patent infringement, Samsung filed a counterclaim against Apple without any basis. Samsung could not stand the status of the perpetrator and secured the same victim position as Apple in this way.
By converting the situation, other people are confused who is the wrong one.
Contrary to the Japanese society where you are forgiven by apology,in Korea atonement begins from when you apologize.
In Korea, the crimes concerning lies such as fraud, perjury, defamation and false accusation happen far more 100 times than in Japan, and it is caused by this kind of national character.
In the past Japan-Korea relations, all the issues have been promoted in the composition that naive Japan has been repeating easy compromise and apologies to Korea based on the belief that Korea is fundamentally good.
But cunning Korea has been taking advantage of Japan by pretending to be the victim with lies as it judged Japan as a weak one.
A case symbolizing such a relationship is the radar irradiation incident by the South Korean Navy that occurred on December 20, 2018.

Origin of anti-Japanese sentiment in Korea

South Korean Navy's Fire Control Radar Irradiation incident was started with that South Korea's destroyer "Gwang Gae To Daewang" locked fire control rader on Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force(MSDF) P-1 patrol aircraft engaged in routine surveillance activities over the water off the Noto Peninsula(Ishikawa Prefecture) within Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone(EEZ) on December 20,2018(Security rescue ship of South Korea's Coast Guard and North Korean Ship in distress were with it).
The Japanese patrol aircraft asked for the purpose of the act to the destroyer several times times,but no answer.
The purpose of the weapons-targeting system,also called fire control radar,is to assist in precise assault on a target with live missiles or other ammunition.It is much the same as putting a loaded gun to a person's head.
It is a very dangerous and hostile act. In the eyes of the international community, this is the type of incident that gives the targeted party the right to fire back immediately in an exercise of self-defense.
After that,in the beginning,South Korea tried to escape by making an excuse that the destroyer used the fire control rader as for search of the North Korea's ship,but not against the patrol aircraft, but in respond to the attitude with neither apologizes nor reflects, the Japanese side continued protesting about the fire control radar irradiation and seeking recurrence prevention.
Then South Korea changed the previous claim to that the destroyer did not use the fire control radar,only used the surface search radar.
When irritated Japan released the video, finally South Korea began to assert the position of the victim,saying the Japanese aircraft(not a fighter) made a low-altitude flight and threatened the destroyer,and it has gone demanding apologies to Japan conversely. And South Korea released fake video and materials and came to threaten Japan.
These means are exactly the same as those of North Korea's propaganda campaign, and it is clear that South Korea and North Korea are the nations of the same mentality (in fact, the only difference is the economic system).

First of all, I will explain the recent conflicts before this incident happened between Japan and South Korea's Moon Jae-in regime, which is busily engaged in anti-Japanese activities.

●The Moon administration strongly requested all the participating countries for the International Fleet Review hosted by South Korea on October 11,2018, not to hoist anything like the naval ensigns other than their own national flags and Korean national flag,in order not to have the Japan's Self-Defense Force hoist the "Rising Sun" flag which is the naval ensign of the SDF,but is called the "War Criminal" flag in Korean propaganda.
On the other hand, the Japanese side protested that hoisting the naval ensign is fixed by Article 29 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea for identification of ship's nationality, however finally canceled the participation to avoid further dispute with South Korea.
After that, except for three countries that use the national flags as the naval ensigns such as United States(the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan did not touch at port of Jeju due to anti-US demonstration, though), all the ships of the countries that have their own naval ensigns such as Australia, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines called at Jeju port hoisting them.

[Naval ensigns of the participating countries]
Korean government didn't say anything against them.

However, regarding the participation of these ships, the Korean side did not complain anything.
Furthermore, Moon Jae-in in a good mood, defeating Japan, showed up at the time of the speech on the Korean warship hoisting unrelated old anti-Japanese flag, other than the national flag(South Korea uses the national flag as the naval ensign), ignoring his own request to other countries.

Korean Fascism against the Rising Sun Flag

[Victorious Moon Jae-in under the old anti-Japanese flag]

[Truth of the anti-Japanese flag"Sujagi"]
In reality,the "Sujagi" is more like anti-American flag than anti-Japanese flag.
In present Korea, General Yi Sun-sin is worshiped as a national hero who saved Korea from the invasion of Toyotomi Hideyoshi of Japan in the 16th century, and Sujagi is regarded as the flag of his navy.
There are lots of movies and novels modeled on him, but they are far from historical facts.
Toyotomi Hideyoshi had the ambition of conquering China(Ming), first invaded the Korean Peninsula and overwhelmed the Korean army, but due to the death of Hideyoshi, Japan came to an agreement with China(then suzerain of Korea) to withdraw from Korea. Yi Sun-sin pursued the withdrawing Japanese fleet and was shot killed. He did not defeat Japan.
Moreover, the present Koreans assert that Sujagi, Moon raised at the ceremony is the flag when Yi Sun-sin defeated Japan, but this is the design originated in China which used to be suzerain of Korea.
And the flag was hoisted to fight against Western invasion at the end of the Joseon(Chosun) Dynasty.
Korea fought against the United States and lost the naval battle in 1871 and Americans brought it home as booty at that time.
South Korea negotiated with the US for return of it as a looted cultural property, and in 2007, the US lent it in the form of long-term lending(Korea still keeps it).
And after that Koreans started to assert "it is the flag design used by General Yi Sun-sin" without any basis.
Thus the Sujagi as the anti-Japanese flag was established as a historical fact among the Korean people.
In addition, some Korean scholars suspect the real existence of Yi Sun-sin's turtle ship(It is said that 13 turtle ships have repulsed 200 Japanese naval ships numerous times) for the reasons such as that it can not be reproduced even with the current technology,the wreckage and the blueprint have not been found.


[Statue of Yi Sun-sin]
In South Korea,there are many Yi Sun-sin statues at various places,
In November,2015 Korean parliamentarians protested that the statue in the National Assembly has a sword looking like a Japanese one,and it was changed to another one.
However still other statues have similar kind of swords (photo above is the statue in front of Gwanghwamun,Seoul).


[National Treasure forgery incident]
In 1992, the Korean navy 's naval archaeological excavation team found a gun barrel with an engraved mark which indicates that it was used in the turtle ship of Yi Sun-sin's navy.
Some pointed out, "it seems very new", but after appraisal of experts, the government designated it as National Treasure No. 274.
4 years later, the Navy Colonel who was a leader of the team was arrested for bribery, confessed that he asked his friend managing the foundry plant to make the gun barrel, sunk it under the sea and found it by himself.
He did it as a result that he was troubled by the fact that the excavation team could not make any achievements.

[Reproduced turtle ship]
Korean municipality invested huge amounts and experts produced it, but it is exhibited on the ground as it leans in the water.

●On October 22,2018,ignoring the stoppage request of the Japanese government,13 Korean parliamentary members
belonging to the Board of Education landed at Takeshima(Korean name Dokdo) which has been illegally occupied by South Korea since 1952.
This was the second time for Korean parliamentary members to land at Takeshima in 2018. They foretold the landing that "Korean history is alive on Dokdo". They said that the purpose of landing , " Informing history distortion in Japanese textbooks and inspiring correct recognition of history", and encouraged the guard.


●On October 30, 2018, the Korean Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs of self-proclaimed "forced laborers", ordered Japanese company to compensate, against 1965 Claim Right Agreement associated with the Japan-ROK Basic Treaty.
In the agreement, now the Korean government has all the responsibility of the Korean individual claim rights of unpaid-wages and compensation, but Moon supports the judgment, further pursues the Japanese side despite the international treaty is superior to domestic law.

So-called Korean Forced Labor Trials

●November 21, 2018, left wing (pro-North Korean and Chinese) Monn Jae-in announced that his government would unilaterally dissolve the "Settlement and Healing Foundation" for comfort women established by Japan's contribution of 1 billion yen based on 2015 agreement over comfort women issue concluded between Japanese government and former South Korea's government of conservative Park Geun-hye who has been Moon's political enemy for a long time.
While the Japanese contribution has been reserved to the South Korean side,and without implementing the removal of the comfort woman statue in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, which is the condition of the agreement,Moon spreads further comfort women propaganda to the world,ignoring another promise not to criticize each other about the comfort women issue in the international community.Then he disbanded the foundation which is a symbol of the reconciliation.

● On November 26, when most Japanese were increasing anger against the unreasonable ruling of the self-proclaimed forced laborers which violates the international law,again,Korean parliamentarians landed at Takeshima as if provoking Japan even more.


● On December 13, 2018, Japanese parliamentary members belonging to the Japan-Korea Parliamentary Association visited South Korea, but the Korean army carried out defense training around Takeshima area on this day.

The radar irradiation incident occurred as a part of the series of the Korea's provocation.
Even Japan's liberal media that is usually takes a stance for Korea in order to accuse the Japanese government criticized the Korean side,and most of the Japanese people have expressed a strong displeasure and anger to the Korean government.
The Japanese patrol aircraft, which was targeted by South Korea's destroyer received an emergency alert, inquired South Korea's destroyer several times for the purpose of radar irradiation, but there was no reply, withdrew from the spot.
Immediately the Japanese government protested, inquired the South Korean government for the real intention of the act, but there was no apology from it.
After that, South Korea has changed the explanation and attitude many times and finally came to say "Japan's patrol aircraft provoked the South Korean destroyer with low-altitude flight"," The destroyer of South Korea did not lock fire control radar on the patrol aircraft. It just irradiated surface search radar to rescue a North Korean ship in distress and the Japanese side misidentified it as fire control radar".
Then, on the contrary, the South Korean demanded Japan for an apology.
However, the Japanese patrol aircraft was flying more than 150 meters above which is the safety standards and at least 500 meters away from the destroyer, the Korean claim of provocation by low altitude flight is outrageous.
Therefore, former SDF information analyst and other Japanese military critics insisted on the following theory.

● When the Japanese patrol aircraft discovered, the North Korean ship was in a visual position from South Korea's destroyer, no need of irradiating surface search radar, and the ship seemed to have been rescued already by South Korea's destroyer and South Korea's security rescue ship.

●It is unnatural that the South Korea's destroyer and the Coast Guard's ship surrounded the North Korea's ship while the Japan Coast Guard and the SDF did not intercept the radio from the ship of North Korea in Japan's EEZ(about 500 km away from the Korean Peninsula).
For that reason, there is a possibility that the pro-North Korean Moon administration was directly requested from North Korea's government to rescue the ship(South Korea still keeps secret how it received the emergency radio).
If South Korea is supplementing fuel to North Korean ships, it is deemed to be in violation of the resolution of the UN Security Council, so the destroyer locked the fire control radar on Japan's patrol aircraft in order to drive it away(the destroyer did not hoist the naval ensign).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan; Suspicion of the illegal ship- to- ship transfers of goodg by North Korea

●Also, at the time, the destroyer seemed to block the course of the ship of North Korea, and the two high speed boats launched from the security rescue ship sandwiched it,so another possibility was pointed out that the South Korean government was requested by the North Korean government to capture North Korean military official or other high official who was trying to escape on the spy ship from North Korea to Japan.

[Positional relation of the scene]

[The North Korean ship that was allegedly rescued by South Korea]
The ship has antennas for AM Morse communication which are not necessary for fishing ship. This is the characteristic of a North Korean spy ship.

【North Korea's spy ship】
North Korea has abducted many Japanese in the past by ship and has made them teaching staffs of North Korean spies and terrorists to hide in Japan and to pretend to be Japanese citizens.

The Japanese kidnapped by North Korea

And North Korean spy ships still smuggle drugs into Japan and also carry out high-tech products that can be diverted for military use, but forbidden to export to North Korea.
In Japan,a lot of ships from North Korea are washed up along the coast of the Sea of Japan.
Most of the ships seem to be involved in illegal operations of fishing promoted by the economic sanctions against North Korea from the international community.
.In 2017,104 vessels were found and in 2018, 225 vessels were confirmed, but only 12 dead bodies in 5 cases were discovered.
Like this, in some cases, survivors and dead people are discovered, but there are also cases where crews are missing.
It is the view of the Japanese public security authority that among them, not only fishing boats but also spy ships are included.
For example, on December 22, 2001, the Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Japan Coast Guard that received information on a suspicious ship from US forces in Japan patrolled coastal waters near Kyushu and the Coast Guard's patrol ship found the suspicious ship, but it ignored the warning and escaped.
Because it did not stop at the warning shots, the patrol ship attacked it with a machine gun.
Then it fought back with firearms and mobile rocket.
Ultimately, the suspicious ship was self-bombed, and 8 dead bodies of Koreans were discovered from inside (crew members who were drifting refused to rescue, sank down).
Later on,it was confirmed that before the suicide bomb, they sent a message to North Korea to swear eternal loyalty,and that they were in contact with Korean spies in Japan.

[Video on the incident]

On the basis of these information,I will write the negotiations between the Japanese and the South Korean governments on this case in chronological order to see how Korea,the perpetrator, forged the facts and conversely pretend to be the victim.
This is a routine means of Korea to give Japan a bad name in the international community in any issues,and foreigners with no knowledge of East Asian history tend to be cheated by Korea that pretends to be the victim and to appeal with a big voice intensely.

●December 20,2018 =around 3 pm, the Maritime Self-Defense Forces P-1 patrol aircraft was irradiated with fire control radar more than once for several minutes from the destroyer of the South Korean Navy in the sea off the Noto Peninsula, which is within the exclusive economic zone of Japan . After receiving the irradiation, the patrol aircraft inquired about the purpose of the fire radar irradiation for about three minutes by radio, but there was no response at all from the destroyer.

●December 21,2018=Japan's Minister of Defense Iwaya Takeshi held a press conference to clarify the contents of the incident. He criticized South Korea, "It is an extremely dangerous act" while saying "Korean side's intention is not clearly understood".
On the other hand, the Korean Ministry of Defense said, "The destroyer did not do it for pursuing the Japanese patrol aircraft. We explained so to Japan, but will explain enough again later so that no misunderstanding will occur".
South Korean media Hankyoreh criticized Japan, like "Japan regards this issue as a diplomatic card to weaken Korea."

●December 22, 2018= Japan's Ministry of Defense announced that it conducted a careful and detailed analysis on this case, determined that the irradiation was caused by fire control radar, which is not suitable for a wide range of searches for a ship in distress.
The irradiation of the fire control radar is a dangerous act that could invite unforeseen circumstances, and it is fixed as an action that should be refrained when encountering vessels and aircrafts by CUES(Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea) which is adopted also by South Korea.
The Ministry of Defense also announced that it would strongly seek recurrence prevention to the Korean side.
In response, the South Korean Navy said, "Weather condition was not good on that day and the destroyer activated all radars, including fire control radar, but there was absolutely no intention to aim at the Japan's patrol aircraft. It was a humanitarian purpose to rescue the North Korean ship".
By the way,it was also announced that three survivors and one corpse were found from the North Korean ship and they were passed over to North Korea on 22 nd.
South Korean media Chosun Ilbo reported a critical comment of a Korean military official that "Japan's reaction is somewhat going overboard".
Japanese media criticized the Korean excuse like "Fire control radar is an anti-aircraft radar, the captain designates a specific target from several subjects being detected,then the officer in charge operates it for the first time toward the target.It is good at subsequent tracking, but it can not be used to find a target.And when the incident occurred, the North Korean ship was already protected, so there was no need to operate any kind of radar".

●December 23, 2018=Japan's Minister for Foreign Affairs Kono Taro suppressed direct criticism and said, "I would like to ask
the Korean government to respond it in the way so that Japan and the ROK can promote the relationship positively".

●December 24, 2018=Kanasugi Kenji, Director-General of Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Seoul and expressed strong regret and requested the prevention of recurrence.
However, rather than apologizing, the Korean Ministry of Defense said at a press conference "There is no fact that we have operated radar for the purpose of pursuing the Japanese patrol aircraft, there was absolutely no act of making it feel a threat".
Moreover,despite the fact that the patrol aircraft was flying over the Japanese Exclusive Economic Zone,it criticized Japan conversely like "Japan's patrol aircraft had a threatening action to fly over the destroyer".
In addition, it made mysterious explanations such as "The Japanese radio waves were weak and the noise was terrible, only the word 'Korea Coast' could be sensed", "In order to rescue the ship of North Korea, the optical camera attached to the tracking radar was aimed at the patrol aircraft for monitoring.When the camera was activated, the antenna of the radar moved, but no radio waves came out".
Meanwhile, the Defense Minister Iwaya pointed out at a press conference that "There are misunderstandings of the factual relationship," and released a written counterargument under the name of the Ministry of Defense, insisting "(the Japan's patrol aircraft was) irradiated radio waves peculiar to the fire control radar continuously for a certain period of time".

●December 25,2018 = Since South Korea has turned the previous statements and has put all the blame on Japan,members of Parliament from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party belonging to its National Defense Division and Research Commission on National security held a joint meeting.
The members said with rage such as "This is a good opportunity to prove that Korea is lying to the world. The government should protest to Korea more strictly, not only with words","South Korea has committed international law violation, South Korea should disclose the factual relationship and apologize to Japan, and dispose of the persons concerned in order to prevent recurrence","South Korea's excuse is childish.The patrol aircraft attempted to confirm the facts to the South Korea's destroyer at three frequencies.The Koreans say that they were not able to hear because of the noise, but are they using such low equipment?".

● December 27, 2018 = Japan-ROK working-level meeting was held for the first time.
Although Japan requested the prevention of recurrence after conveying regret,South Korea again said that from the Korean destroyer there was no act that posed a threat to the Japan's patrol aircraft.
Therefore Japan suggested that it would release the video, South Korea demanded not to release it while saying "The video will not be evidence".

● December 28, 2018 = Since South Korea has not accepted the facts,the video taken in the patrol aircraft with some processing not to reveal the military secrets was released with the direction of Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, in order to inform the international community that its activities were appropriate under international rules.

[Video released by Japan's Ministry of Defense]

Statement of the Ministry of Defense

The South Korea's Defense Ministry responded to this as "We express deep apprehension and regret".
It repeated the conventional claims such as "The facts that the Korean destroyer was on an appropriate activity to rescue the North Korean ship and that it did not use tracking radar does not change","As a friendly nation,we are disappointed with the fact that the Japanese patrol aircraft carried out a dangerous low-altitude flight over the destroyer under the rescue activity".
And it took a defiant attitude like "The released video cannot be the objective evidence for Japan's claim", "It is regrettable that Japan publishes unilateral content video and is cheating facts"
However, the Japan's video shows the scene where the Korean destroyer and the security rescue ship have already surrounded the North Korea's ship at a close distance, and it was caught between the two boats launched from the security rescue ship.
The South Korea's claim that the destroyer had to activate radar to search for the North Korea's ship turned out to be a lie.
In addition, although the patrol aircraft calls the destroyer's identification number 971, it keeps ignoring.
In the video, contrary to the Korean excuses of "high waves", the waves are calm and the sky is clear.
It cannot be said that the radio did not reach under this weather condition and distance.
This proves that Korea's argument, "The radio waves were weak, the destroyer could not receive it" is impossible.
The weather condition, the location of the North Korean ship, the reasons for using the radar, and radio response of which South Korea has explained so far were revealed as lies.
And there was no dangerous act like low-altitude flight by the Japanese patrol aircraft.

[Reaction of overseas military experts]
In regard this,on December 28,reader in East Asian warfare and security at the department of King's College London,Alessio Patalano(former P-3C crew) released a statement to support the Japan's claim.

Also Paul Giarra, the former Senior Country Director for Japan in the US Department of Defense, and a naval strategic planner, and a political-military strategic planner for Far East talked to Japanese TV such as "As long as I have seen in the coverage I think that the South Korea's destroyer used the fire control radar" , "The patrol aircraft of the Maritime Self-Defense Force does not seem to have done a provocative action or a dangerous movement".
Also, Paul Giarra, the former Senior Country Director for Japan in the US Department of Defense, and a naval strategic planner, and a political-military strategic planner for Far East talked to Japanese TV such as "As long as I have seen in the coverage I think that the South Korea's destroyer used the fire control radar", "The patrol aircraft of the Maritime Self-Defense Force does not seem to have done a provocative action or a dangerous movement".


● December 29, 2018 = In response to the public release of the Japanese video, South Korean newspapers criticized that the incident was caused by the Japanese malice, such as "low-altitude flight of the Japanese patrol aircraft is reminiscent of Kamikaze", "It is provocation by (PM) Abe who released the video".

● January 2, 2019 - The South Korean Defense Ministry announced a statement calling for an apology to Japan, saying, "Japanese patrol aircraft made a threatening low-altitude flight."

● January 4, 2019 - The South Korean Defense Ministry released a video showing the validity of Korea's assertions such as "low-altitude flight of Japanese patrol aircraft" and "there is no radar irradiation from the Korean side."
However,in the video, the original Korean film has only about 10 seconds, and the other part of it was made of the edited Japanese video after adding a disquieting BGM. There is no scene to prove that the patrol aircraft made a low-altitude flight or that the destroyer did not irradiate fire control radar.
In the video, it criticizes that the Japanese patrol aircraft
approached the distance of 500 meters and the altitude of 150 meters above the destroyer,but it complies with the safety standards of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). The patrol aircraft around the world including the P3C of the Korean Navy are acting on the basis of this numeric value.
South Korea says that the ICAO criteria is applied only to private aircrafts.
But military aircrafts are excluded from the application in order to drive off opponents who tries to violate territorial waters and so on.
Moreover, since the Japanese patrol aircraft is flying according to the safety standards of ICAO, there should be no military or aviation officials in the world who agree with the South Korea's incomprehensible argument.

[Video released by South Korea]

[Verification of the Korean claim]
The photo below is from the Korea's official video taken by the South Korea's Coast Guard.
Far away, there is the Japanese P-1 patrol aircraft (total length 38 meters).
Even by visual inspection, you can see that it maintains the altitude more than 4 times the total length from the sea level.
No Navy in the world calls it "threatening low-altitude flight",except the South Korea's.


Also,the thumbnail of the video was processed as if the patrol aircraft is making a low-altitude flight toward the destroyer.
But this is a composite of the photo of another P-1 patrol aircraft released by the Maritime Self - Defense Force in Photo Gallery.
And the crew's voice to say "the patrol aircraft is flying low-altitude", and the Japanese radio voice which is hard to hear because of noise are considered to have been processed later.For these reasons,there was a strong criticism from Japan on the forgery attacks of Korea.

[Denial of the Korea's assertion]
Alessio Patalano has reacted to the Korea's video as below.
[Verification; Two Lies of South Korea's rebuttal video]

● January 5, 2019 = South Korea's media reported mostly such as "Our military counterattacked with the video in response to Abe 's provocation" ,but there was coverage of conservative media that pointed out the adverse effects on Japan, South Korea, and the American triangle security system while denuclearization of North Korea is not progressing.
● January 7, 2019 =South Korea has released the video in six more languages including Japanese other than English and Korean. The Japanese Ministry of Defense also added Korean version, following Japanese and English.

● January 8, 2019 = Japan 's Defense Minister Iwaya announced "The Japanese side is willing to present radio information, which is a definitive proof of radar irradiation with the Korean side in a non - public place".
He added "The claims in the Korean video are wrong pointing out","To be honest, I am surprised(about the composite image and BGM)".

● January 14, 2019 = The second working-level meeting was held. Japan suggested exchanging data such as frequency of each other, but the Korean side refused.

● January 15, 2019 = The Korean Ministry of Defense unilaterally revealed the content of nonpublic consultations at a press conference, accused Japan's proposal of exchanging data , saying "Japan demanded disclosure on the whole rader imformation of the destroyer, it is unacceptable and very rude".
In addition, it said not only that "Decisive evidence indicating the irradiation of the fire control radar was not presented from the Japanese side," but also said , "Japan partially acknowledged that the patrol aircraft has caused an atmosphere that Korean crews feel as a threat", which is contrary to fact.
In response to this,Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide expressed a view against the Korean accusation like "To show each other's data is indispensable in promoting objective and neutral facts confirmation".
Also, on this day, the Korean Ministry of Defense announced the Defense White Paper.
In that, while the conventional description "sharing the basic value of liberal democracy and market economy" on Japan was deleted,and description "enemy" on North Korea was also deleted. In addition, there are more pages on military exchanges with China. Overall, it reflects the anti-Japanese policy, the estrangement from US and pro-North Korean strategy under the Moon regime.

● January 16, 2019 = Japan 's Ministry of Defense protested against that South Korea broke the nonpublic promise and made a false announcement that Japan partially acknowledged low - altitude flight.
In Washington, Japan's Defense Minister Iwaya met with US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan, and Iwaya conveyed Japan's assertion on the radar irradiation case.
They shared awareness that further strengthening of the Japan-U.S. Alliance and deterrence by Japan, the US and South Korea is essential for the regional security.
Meanwhile,a South Korean military official revealed that at the working-level meeting on 14th,the Korean side said, "If Japan makes low-altitude flight,Korea will not be silent.We will do the same thing".

● January 17, 2019 = South Korean Ministry of Defense has called a Japanese military attache and opposed the Japanese protests.
The Korean side explained as "It is true that the Japanese side 'nodded' when the Korean side protested about the low-altitude flight".

● January 18, 2019 =South Korea's National Defense Commissioner Ahn Gyu-beak accused Japan saying, "Prime Minister Abe has gone to the front and is promoting conflicts between the two countries," "In order to turn the domestic problem towards the outside, he is like Toyotomi Hideyoshi (who invaded Korea in the 16th century)", demanded an apology and prevention of recurrence about low-altitude flight to Japan.
In addition, the South Korea's Yonhap News reported a new theory at this last moment , "At the time of the incident, the Korean security rescue ship operated the surface search radar to search for the North Korea's ship, the Japanese patrol aircraft may have misunderstood it as fire control radar" .
However, on the next day, in the Japanese news program, a military expert said, "In the case of surface search radar, it makes a sound repeating strong and weak periodically. But in case of fire control radar, it makes a strong sound continued for a certain time. If Korea releases the data, their claim will be proven baseless."

● January 19, 2019 = Japan's Ministry of Defense announced to disclose the undisclosed information recorded in the patrol aircraft as evidence next week to appeal the legitimacy of Japanese patrol aircraft's activities to the international community.
At the same time, it announced to release a statement against the false remarks of the Korean Ministry of Defense.
What it will release in the public is a conversion of the radio signal of the radar detected by the patrol aircraft into a sound, which is objective evidence supporting that the patrol aircraft received fire control radar.
A senior officer of the Ministry of Defense said, "The strength and continuity of the sound are quite different between the surface radar and the fire control radar".
A Japanese government official expressed discomfort and vigilance, saying, "This is an international information warfare with Korea, even if the Japanese side release the sound and the statement, Korea will keep its position as the victim, goes for further anti-Japanese campaign".
In response to this, the Korean Ministry of Defense warned, "It is undesirable for Japan to unilaterally assert inaccurate content with the intention of distorting the facts as before and promoting confrontation between the two countries","If Japan discloses the inaccurate sound in order to claim that the patrol aircraft was threatened, it will give the international community a wrong recognition ".

● January 21, 2019 = Since the South Korean side keeps refusing the mutual presentation of the frequency information and repeating the false explanation,the Japanese Ministry of Defense has exceptionally released the sound of the detector by which the ability of electronic warfare may be known,and the flight route of the P-1 patrol aircraft of the day, etc.
It also showed the photographs taken when the Japanese side approached the same Korean destroyer in the past, announced "We have done the same kind of things before, but South Korea has never protested about it until this incident happened".
And it added, "It is difficult to objectively and neutrally make fact findings based on reciprocity, and even if we continue the working-level meeting, we cannot investigate the truth". As a result, it released the statement titled "Final view on Korea radar irradiation incident", declared to end the negotiations with South Korea.
Also, considering the situation of North Korea, it said "Defense cooperation between Japan-South Korea and Japan-- the US-ROK are extremely important and we will continue to make a sincere effort to continue the cooperation. Ultimately, the Japanese side substantially gave it up, daunted by South Korea that never accepts evidence and tells a lie after a lie for self-justification as usual, and closed the curtain on this issue with "adult attitude" again.
However, there was a strong criticism against the Defense Ministry that has ended the case without Korea's apology from the LDP's National Defense Division such as " "It should not show a weak attitude" and "Protest should be continued".
In response to this, the South Korean Ministry of Defense instantly announced, "The sound presented by Japan is not what we demanded.We can't confirm the detection date and time, the direction,and the frequency characteristics at all","We express deep regret that Japan will terminate consultations that verify the facts".
In addition, it added the opinion of its analyst like "Various radars were used at that time, the sound released by Japan is badly processed and cannot be concluded as a sound of fire control radar".

Final statement regarding the incident of an ROK naval vessel directing its fire-control radar at an MSDF patrol aircraft

● January 22, 2019 = The South Korean Ministry of Defense responded to the remark by the Japan's Ministry of Defense that "There has never been a problem raised from Korea about the same kind of flight until now", by saying "The flight form is very different from the previous ones","The SDF repeated a menacing low-altitude flight (on December 20,2019) ".
It added, "Despite the request of the Korean side, Japan did not provide accurate information," "There is no part of the Korean side that is wrong."
Meanwhile, Japanese Defense Minister Iwaya attended a meeting of the LDP's National Defense Division,said "We have a relationship of trust with South Korea and will make efforts to build a future-oriented defense relationship".
The participating members critisized Iwaya such as " It is dangerous to cooperate with an unknown presence which cannot be identified as a friend","When the members of the SDF are in danger, it is not the situation that we can cooperate with South Korea.It is not Japan but Korea that should make efforts".

[Iwaya accused at the meeting of the LDP's National Defense Division]

● January 23, 2019 = The South Korean Ministry of Defense suddenly announced that around 14:03 on this day,(another) Japanese patrol aircraft threatened (another) Korean destroyer by low-altitude flight near the reef "Ieodo(Socotra Rock)" whose jurisdiction is claimed by South Korea and China.
According to the Korean side, "The Japan's patrol aircraft (regarded as P3C) made a threatening low-altitude flight at an altitude of 60 to 70 meters and about 540 meters away from the Korea's destroyer.We carried out warning notice a couple dozens of times, but the Japanese side did not respond"," Japan did the same kind of flight on the 18th and 22nd".
It also said, "It is a provocative act to a friendly country, there is no choice but to suspect Japan's ambition",and suggested the use of force by adding, "If it recurs, we respond strongly according to the Korean military correspondence rules".
Japan's Defense Minister Iwaya denied the Korean claims such as "We keep all the records,and the Japanese side has never done any threatening flight", "Japan secures an altitude of 150 meters or more and follows international law", "We respond to inquiries reliably, communicate with our party on duty".

● January 24, 2019 = The South Korean Ministry of Defense released five evidence photographs of the case happened on the day before when the Japanese P-3C patrol aircraft threatened the Korean destroyer with low-altitude flight near the Ieodo(Socotra Rock).
The Korean side said that they initially planned to release the video,but the officials explained "we restrained our attitude,and stopped releasing the video","We can prove the fact only with the photographs".
In response,the Chief of Staff of the Self-Defense Force(the highest post of the SDF) Kawano Katsutoshi said at a press conference that "The Japanese aircraft was flying over altitude of 150 meters,and the distance was more than 1000 meters away", "It responded accurately and promptly".
A Japanese media pointed out, "South Korea thinks that it has won over Japan due to the conciliatory attitude of Minister Iwaya. From now on, it will make much more unreasonable remarks".

● January 25, 2019 = Various Japanese media published views of military experts who analyzed the photos released by South Korea. As a result, suspicion was pointed out to all the photos.

★ If the P-3C made low-altitude flight of 60 meters,it is unnatural that the sea level is not seen in the photo.
When it comes to the photo to show "the patrol aircraft made low-altitude flight of 60 meters",no surface of the sea(horizon) in the photo which is necessary to calculate the altitude.If it is photographed,the altitude can be calculated by putting the aircraft(total length of 35 meters) in a vertical direction,but without it,impossible.
Also, it is too dangerous for the patrol aircraft of the same size as a small passenger aircraft to keep flying at low-altitude of 60 meters which is too close to the sea level,this kind of act easily invites a plane crash.


★In the phoo(enlarged),there is an unnatural space between "200" and "ft" in the display of the aviation detection mode.
For this reason,it is pointed out that the original number is like "2000ft" or something,and the last "0" was removed to make it "200ft(60 meters)".


After this question was pointed out in Japan, the Korean Ministry of Defense explained that the part was originally blank. And, as a sample, it released another photo with four digits to the Korean media.
However, the Japanese pointed out the suspicion that only the first "3" of the number "3300" is written in full-width this time.
The Korean Ministry of Defense remains unanswered for the question( and others). It seems obvious that there is some processing.


★In regard to the photo(enlarged), Nishimura Kinichi, former information analyst at the Japanese Ministry of Defense points out that when measuring the "latitude and longitude" on the map, "32 00.3 N 123 42.9 E" indicates the high seas about 150 km offshore from Shanghai.
It is China's EEZ,and outside the air defense identification zone of Japan and South Korea. If the SDF aircraft was flying there, Chinese fighter would scramble. He expressed a view,"It is impossible that the Japanese aircraft goes on activity there.I think that this(contradiction) is a result of processing multiple images".
He also pointed out that something is strange with the letters' size and color on the radar screen.
Although the screen is blue, only the part "Time" has a black background.


★ Professor Ito Toshiyuki,former Commandant of Kure District of the MSDF, says, "Although the incident occurred in the daytime, I cannot understand why Korea has released the infrared photographs. I think there is a suspicion that they were actually taken at night and were given processing".
Military journalist Ushio Masato said, "Talking about the black and white zoom-up photos, if there is the sea level under the photo,the airframe does not appear that big".
And a Maritime Self-Defense Forces official said, "In infrared photograph, the distance and altitude data from the ship to the detection target required for weapon selection should be displayed in the lower right. It's very unnatural only the date and time are displayed".
Professor Ito disgustedly added, "First of all,In the pictures, the patrol aircraft is not flying towards the Korean destroyer, it is flying sideways.None of the Navy in the world calls it a threat.I don't think there is any Navy that wants to act with the people saying such a thing".


Also, on this day, the Japan's Ministry of Defense revealed that it will postpone the dispatch of the MSDF's escort ship "Izumo" to the ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting held in South Korea in the spring.However,it added that it would consider the participation of the joint training at offshore with each navy concerned.

● January 27, 2019 = The Korean Navy announced that it will cancel the dispatch of the First Fleet Commander, scheduled for next month, to Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force base.

As stated above,South Korea's claims and evidence are extremely childish and illogical in the sense of foreigners.
However, already in South Korea, politicians, media and citizens, all are completely accepted the government 's remarks as facts, and emotionally condemn the Japan' s threatening acts from the victim's point of view.
This is not just the radar irradiation incident this time, it is common to all the Korean propaganda campaigns.
While Westerners can not accept the North Korea's claim that "Pyongyang is the birthplace of mankind," they easily believe in the South Korea's magnificent lie like "Japan abducted 200000 Korean women in the past,and forced them to be comfort women".
However, the reality of South Korea has been just another North Korea that has achieved economic development. In spiritual structure, it is the same fascist state.

Chronology of comfort women propaganda
Video evidence to deny Korean lies