Origin of anti-Japanese sentiment in Korea

Most Westerners seem to believe by Korean propaganda that Japan "enslaved" Korean citizens during the annexation era(1910-1945),and that is the beginning of their anti-Japan sentiment.However, the reality is Koreans have been lying about Japan for hundreds of years from the time before Japan merged the Korean Peninsula to the present time.The persistent resentment and hatred of Koreans against Ja...


"Korea and Her Neighbors"(1898) by Isabella Bird Bishop

Verification:Was Japanese rule really brutal?Here I will verify how Japan treated Korean citizens,or if it was really as brutal rule as Koreans assert today.There are several books on Korea around the annexation period written by Westerners(the third people) of the same era,and almost all of them are favorable to the institutional reform that Japan brought to Korea,although they are just the oppos...


End of the Joseon Dynasty and Japan's Annexation of Korea

[Assassination of Queen Min]In the present South Korea,QueenMin (Empress Myeong seong) has been beautified as a national mother of tragedy who was killed by Japan,and she is an icon for Koreans to have grudge(Han) and intense hatred against Japan as well as the Hideyoshi's invasion and the Japan's rule.And history fabrication is done here too. Actually she was killed by mixed assassination team of...


Harsh exploitation by Yangban and Korean class system

[Harsh exploitation by Yangban and Korean class system]In Korea before the Japanese rule, there were some classes with the hereditary privileged class of the aristocracy called Yangban(両班) on the top.Yangban(left) and Yangban with his slaves(right)To be Yangban,it used to be needed to pass the Chinese style examination (科挙).They regarded labor as lowly act and only learned Chinese academics ...


Verification of the book "IN KOREA WITH MARQUIS ITO" (1907)

"IN KOREA WITH MARQUIS ITO" by George Trumbull Ladd (1907)Free download of the book:https://archive.org/details/inkoreawithmarqu00laddrichThis book was written 10 years after Isabella Bird's "KOREA AND HER NEIGHBORS", but the views to Japan and Korea are almost the same.Reference page; Digest of "IN KOREA WITH MARQUIS ITO"OutlineThis book is a valuable historical record,publshed in 1908 by Dr.Geor...